Watch: Colbert Surrenders Seat to Black Lives Matter Activist to Check His ‘White Privilege’

On Monday’s “The Late Show” on CBS, host Stephen Colbert welcomed Black Lives Matter activist and founder of Campaign Zero DeRay McKesson to discuss the Black Lives Matter movement, police brutality and “white privilege.”

Colbert told McKesson that he wants to be able to “identify” his white privilege, and McKesson explained to him that he has a show, a lot of money and access, which he should use to “amplify issues in ways that other people can’t.”

“If I have white privilege, I want to be able to identify it. Give me some hints as to my white privilege.”

“You have a lot of privilege. You have a show, you have a lot of money, a lot of access,” Mckesson replied. “You know, it’s about role, it’s about access, and what you can do is extend that privilege so that you can dismantle it. You can create opportunity for people, you can amplify issues in ways that other people can’t, and you can use your resources to create space for people.”

Once he was schooled in his “white privilege,” Colbert offered to switch seats with the activist who then asked him what he was going to do to “dismantle” his “white privilege.”

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