McCaul: Obama Swapped Criminals, Potential Terrorists for American Hostages

Monday on Newsmax TV’s the “The Steve Malzberg Show,” House Homeland Security Committee chairman Rep. Mike McCaul (R-TX) said the Obama administration’s deal that freed seven Iranians and stopped the criminal pursuit of 14 others in exchange for five American hostages was “hardly a fair swap.”

McCaul said, “Well first, you’re talking about exchanging hostages taken by Iran and Americans in exchange for criminals and potential terrorists. They have talked about seven Iranians being pardoned from our criminal justice system and 14 at large who are out there. Some who we think may have been involved in the Buenos Aires plot to bomb a Jewish center down in South America some years ago…Hardly a fair swap in my book. And then you look at the $1.3 billion given to them that was part of apparently a military contract we had prior to the revolution. Not to mention the $150 billion in sanctions being lifted that, as the chairman of Homeland Security, I know go directly into funding terrorist acts.”

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