Christie: Shouldn’t Rescue Banks, ‘Very Few Tools’ To Deal With Econ Crisis, Kasich Sounds ‘More Like Satan’

On Wednesday’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on the Fox News Channel, New Jersey Governor and Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie argued that he “would not be looking to rescue these banks” if he had to as president and that “if we do have another crisis, there’s very few tools they have left in the toolbox.” And stated fellow candidate Ohio Governor John Kasich “sounds a heck of a lot more like Satan than like the Prince of Light and Hope” by having his super PAC “do all his dirty work.”

Christie said that the problem with the stock market is that “we haven’t had the kind of economic growth to underpin the growth we’ve had in the stock market over time. And so what we need is to get a new president in there who understands that lower taxes and lower regulation will help to bring greater economic growth to our country, underpin those corporate earnings, and a little bit more, and help the folks on Main Street. So, I’m not ready to declare it an absolute emergency yet, but I do think that this has been coming for a while, which is why I’ve been arguing against what the Federal Reserve’s been doing, and others, because if we do have another crisis, there’s very few tools they have left in the toolbox.”

When asked whether he would rescue banks if he had to, Christie stated, “I think they’ve had their one rescue. They should have learned their lessons from what happened in 2008. And as president, I would not be looking to rescue these banks. I think there’s got to be some penalties involved here. And I understand these are difficult decisions. But the fact is we’ve gone through this once before. It cost the American people hundreds of billions of dollars for the mistakes made by the banks, by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and you know, we can’t be doing that. I know there are some candidates in this race who believe that we should, but I’m not one of them.”

He added, “each of things has to be assessed at the time. But I don’t think we should be signaling that the federal government that you can conduct yourself in any way you want, and if there are no penalties for that conduct. We’ve gone through this once before. We’ve seen it happen once before. And I don’t think we can let it happen again.”

The discussion later turned to the criticisms of Christie by a super PAC supporting Kasich. Christie said, “that sounds a heck of a lot more like Satan than like the Prince of Light and Hope. Listen, I’ve known John for a long time, and I’ve been around when his colleagues talk about him. I’ve heard John called a lot of things. The Prince of Light and Hope has never been one of them. And so, the fact is, John wants to hide. He wants to let the super PAC, who’s running most of his campaign in New Hampshire, do all his dirty work. And he wants to come out and act like, you know, he’s some angel.”

Christie continued that while he has a super PAC, “if you look at what our super PAC has done, it’s been relentlessly positive for our record and our vision for America’s future. And as John was getting no traction in New Hampshire, he decided to go negative against me, against Jeb Bush, and others. That’s his choice.”

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