Donna Brazile: Palin a Liar for Saying Obama Disrespects Veterans

Wednesday night on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” while discussing Sarah Palin at a Donald Trump rally in Tulsa, OK addressing her son’s post-traumatic stress in light of his recent arrest, Democratic strategist Donna Brazile called Palin a liar.

When asked about the comments linking her son’s domestic violence arrest to President Barack Obama, Brazile said, “Anderson, you have known me for a long time, so I’m just going to say it. She’s a liar. Look, last year President Obama put billions of dollars in his budget bill. We know most budgets are dead on arrival, but the Republicans in Congress cut out $1.6 billion in services that could have gone to veterans, 70,000 veterans are receiving less care because they, of course, cut the budget. So I don’t think she should blame the president. We should try to seek help for veterans regardless of if they have famous parents. I care for all veterans. I’m a daughter of a veteran. I think to go out there and insinuate Barack Obama is trying to hurt veterans when in fact, he is trying to put more resources so that we can give our young and old veterans the care they need, that’s just a damn lie. You can say Donna Brazile said it. I approved this message.”

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