Buchanan: National Review Trump Criticism ‘Probably Helps Trump’

On Friday’s edition of the Fox News Channel’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto,” columnist and former presidential candidate Pat Buchanan argued National Review’s article series against Donald Trump “Probably helps Trump.”

Buchanan stated, “I think this is more about National Review trying to really establish a certain identity itself and institutional identity, and I don’t think it helps itself. Probably helps Trump to this degree, that it makes Trump look more and more like someone who’s standing up against the Acela Corridor folks, whether they call themselves conservatives, or the establishment right.”

He added Trump has “conservative views, or they’re consistent with consecutive views, and the idea that National Review would say…’that’s outside the church, that violates ore our gospel.’ I think National Review looks very restrictive on this, and especially when you’ve got more people in the Republican Party supporting Trump than any other candidate right now.”

He concluded, while discussion National Review being excluded from February’s GOP presidential debate, “National Review gave up any pretense of objectivity in that debate when it took this position.”

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