FNC’s Jesse Watters: National Review ‘Putting Pure Conservatism Over the Country’

On Friday’s “The Five,” panelist Jesse Watters questioned the critics of Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump who voiced their concerns about the candidate in a so-called manifesto about Trump published in the latest issue of National Review.

Watters said Trump has qualities beyond conservative ideology that make him appealing as the eventual GOP nominee.

“I think politics is about principles, but it’s also about emotion,” Watters said. “And right now I think this country is down on its knees wounded, begging for real leadership. And finally a real strong leader comes around — someone that could run the table. And now everyone is saying, ‘Oh, he doesn’t check this box, he doesn’t check this box.’ You know what box is important to check? Filling up 40,000-people stadiums on a Tuesday night. That’s the box that counts on Election Day. I don’t think principles matter if you can’t get elected and institute those principles. And I think a lot of people right now are putting pure conservatism over the country. Listen, this guy is Teflon. He can go on ‘SNL,’ ‘Meet the Press,’ whatever. You’re going to throw that away because he supports eminent domain? I heard eminent domain was a reason? Come on, let’s talk about his conservative principles on the three core issues Donald Trump is about: immigration, national security and jobs. He is the most conservative guy out there and he is setting the agenda. So I hate to see people not soldier up and fall in line if he is the nominee because this country is in pretty bad shape.”

(h/t Mediaite)

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