Maher: ‘Nothing Can Compare To Islamic Terrorism As A Threat,’ ‘Bullsh*t’ To Say You Can Keep Terrorists Out of US By Vetting

HBO’s host Bill Maher stated, “Nothing can compare to Islamic terrorism as a threat, except global warming” and that it’s “bullsh*t” to believe people coming to the US can be screened to keep terrorists out on Friday’s “Real Time.”

Maher said, “I go crazy every time I hear somebody talk about how the number of people killed by terrorism is less than, and then they can fill in almost anything. Antibiotics not working, car accidents, certainly gun deaths, bicycles, they say have killed more,…bathtub[s]. And I always say, ‘Yeah, but bathtubs and bicycles are not trying to get a nuclear weapon, and as soon as they got one, all those figures would be out the window.’ So, I think that’s a very dangerous thing for people to say, and I hear it all the time. Nothing can compare to Islamic terrorism as a threat, except global warming.”

After Maher’s guest, Representative Michael McCaul (R-TX) talked about vetting Muslims immigrants, Maher objected, “this is bullshit right there. … Every time they — a terrorist — you just mentioned San Bernardino. What did everybody who knew him say? ‘Can’t believe it. We never saw it coming’ They don’t come into the country with a button that says, ‘Bad guy’.”

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