Police: Man Arrested For Forcing Girlfriend to Walk New York City Sidewalk Naked After Sending Nude Pics


Per a report by Fox59, police have arrested the man who forced his girlfriend to walk the streets naked while he recorded it.

Jason Melo, 24, caught his girlfriend, 22, sending raunchy text messages to other men, so he decided to punish her by making her walk the New York City streets in nothing but a towel and boots. He then ripped off her towel, forcing her to walk around naked.

In the video, which was since been blurred, Melo can be heard calling the girl a “b—-” and a whore. After ripping off her towel near some trash cans and he says, “The price of being a cheater, right there in the garbage, exactly, pose with your garbage.”

Melo was arrested Wednesday after his girlfriend filed a report, alleging he threatened to kill her if she did not go outside in the towel and he choked her in front of their young daughter. He faces charges of choking, endangering the welfare of a child, coercion and assault.

Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez released the following statement regarding the incident:

“Today’s arrest sends a clear message that domestic violence is heinous crime and the glorification of one’s violent actions on social media will lead to an immediate response.  As a father of two daughters and brother to seven sisters, I was deeply appalled by this video and urge New Yorkers to remain vigilant in combating domestic violence in all its forms.”

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