Brooks: Trump’s Ads ‘Extremely Noxious,’ ‘Extremely Anti-Immigrant’

On Friday’s “PBS NewsHour,” New York Times columnist David Brooks argued Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s newest ads are “extremely noxious” and “extremely anti-immigrant.”

Brooks said Trump’s ads are “extremely noxious. They’re extremely anti-immigrant. And they attack [GOP presidential candidates Texas Senator Ted] Cruz on two grounds, first, that he’s insufficiently anti-immigrant, and, second, that he’s kind of squirrelly, and there are some images of him talking to Fox News looking a little squirrelly, and that he’s opportunistic. That he flip-flops, which he sort of did on the immigration issue. He took about a week when the immigration reform was passing to try to find the right position for himself. And so that’s the inauthenticity and opportunism, where he’s weak. Cruz is hitting back with an ad charging Trump with being a ruthless businessman. I don’t think that is an effective attack line on Donald Trump, people sort of like that. And so, if you just look at the two, the way they’re ramping up their campaigns right now, again, Trump has a little advantage in the ad wars, I would say.”

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