Krauthammer on Hillary’s Ad: ‘That’s All You’ve Got?’ ‘You’ve Been Secretary of State for Four Years’

Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer mocked Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s newest campaign ad on Friday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel for touting a ceasefire in Gaza as one of the major accomplishments of her tenure in as secretary of state.

Krauthammer said of Hillary’s ad, “I would add to that catalog, that appalling ad. Is that all you’ve got? You know, you’ve been secretary of state for four years, and that’s all you’ve got, a ceasefire in Gaza? Who believes she had any real hand in that? I mean, everybody knows she traveled a lot. What did she accomplish in eight years in the Senate? What did she accomplish in the White House as the co-president to Bill Clinton? I mean, this is — she’s drawing on experience. but it shows you how thin is what she’s running on.”

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