Trump: National Review ‘Failing Badly,’ ‘Not Going to Be Around Long’

On the Saturday broadcast of “Justice” on Fox News Channel, GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump called in and discussed National Review, who published a so-called anti-Trump manifesto entitled “Against Trump.”

“Well, it’s a failing magazine, you know that. It’s been failing badly, and they’re getting some publicity,” Trump said of National Review.

He later added, “I can only say this — the National Review is a failing publication. It’s not going to be around long. And they’ll get some publicity. A lot of the writers think it’s going to help me more because people are tired of the negativity from these people. All they do is talk, but they don’t have solutions to anything, and so I mean, I’m fine with it. I’m not going to be reading it because I don’t read it very much anyway. But a lot of people don’t read it anymore.”

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