Hillary: It Was ‘Tongue In Cheek’ When I Called Republicans Enemies, They’re ‘Worthy Adversaries’

Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stated that her statement that Republicans were among her enemies was “tongue in cheek” and that she considers Republicans “worthy adversaries” at Monday’s Democratic presidential town hall on CNN.

Clinton, in response to a question on her calling Republicans enemies, said, “[I]t was kind tongue in cheek. And I consider them worthy adversaries, because they are. They have their set of objectives. We have ours, on the Democratic side. But that’s why I gave you a short overview. I worked with all of them, you know when I’m actually in office, they say really nice things about me. We have a whole, long list of the nice things they say, what a good colleague I am, how easy I am to work with, how willing I am to try to find common ground, then when I run, oh my goodness, it’s just unbelievable. So, I have no problems in saying, yeah, we have political differences, we’re on opposite sides, but, we’re going to work as hard as we can. And here’s what I know about how to get that done. It takes building relationships, and that is one of the hardest things to do in politics, over ideological and partisan lines. So I’m going to be just giving them all bear hugs, whether they like it or not. We’re going to get together, we’re going to talk about about what we can do, maybe we can get something done together. If not, maybe I can find that slice of common ground, to find somebody who will work with me on achieving a goal that we want. So, that’s the way the process should work, constantly looking for ways to make a difference and putting together the coalitions within the Congress to pass laws.”

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