Watch: Ebony Magazine Editor Presses Hillary on ‘Pandering’ to Black Voters

Ebony magazine released a video of its editor-in-chief Kierna Mayo interviewing Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, in which she asked her repeatedly about accusations of pandering to African-Americans.

Partial transcript as follows:

MAYO: Critics have called you pandering — have said that you pandered — have wondered about particular things like the Kwanzaa kinara that you posted on Twitter, or even dabbing on “The Ellen Show?”

CLINTON: Ha, ha, ha.

MAYO:  It’s interesting. I heard South Carolina Rep. Bakari Sellers mention this once that he thought that you were pandering. I’ve ever heard local DJs and VJs —

CLINTON: Oh that’s too bad.

MAYO: And wonder how one really does walk the line and make sure that the richness of the legacy and history is not lost and that you don’t take short cuts to black audiences that you think might work?

CLINTON: Well I certainly don’t intend to.

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