Coulter: Trump ‘Shaking Up’ How People Look at FNC, Their Statement Was ‘Insulting to Voters’

Columnist and author Ann Coulter said that Donald Trump is “shaking up the way people look at Fox News as maybe not always our network” on MSNBC’s “Hardball with Chris Matthews” on Wednesday.

Coulter said she hopes Trump doesn’t show up because “I mean, he’s established himself as the real alpha dog here, as if he hasn’t already. And look, I like a lot of things about Ted Cruz, but one of his Achilles Heels is he does not have a sense of humor. And I think the joke about Donald Trump being afraid of Megyn Kelly, it just doesn’t work. Nobody thinks Donald Trump is afraid of anything. And, I mean, as you just, and thank you for telling the story properly, it wasn’t over Megyn Kelly, it was over that snippy, smart-alecky press release. And I would ask you to imagine, what if NBC had released such a press release to a Republican candidate before a debate. It really is kind of shocking, and I think Trump is shaking up the way people look at Fox News as maybe not always our network.”

She added the statement was “insulting to voters.” And “Trump didn’t like a question going back to his days as a reality TV host, when meanwhile — and I actually liked that question, by the way, I have no complaint with Megyn Kelly. It’s my one disagreement with Donald Trump. I like the question. The unfairness was that none of the other candidates were asked tough questions. Why were you asking what what Trump said as a reality TV host and not about how he’s going to help wounded veterans, how he’s going to get people back to work, how he’s going to deport illegal aliens? Those are the questions I think viewers and voters want to hear answers to, not this silliness about things he said in fun and to be funny.”

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