Scarborough: ‘I’d Rather Set Myself on Fire’ Than Participate in Debate With Megyn Kelly

Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” host Joe Scarborough reacted to Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s decision not to participate in Thursday’s Republican debate hosted by the Fox News Channel.

Scarborough ripped Fox News for provoking Trump and said he wouldn’t have participated in the debate either based on Fox News Channel’s tack regarding the possibility of bias by debate moderator Megyn Kelly, host of FNC’s “The Kelly File.”

“First of all, a news organization that is going to run a debate provoking a candidate like that just is asking for it,” Scarborough said. “Donald Trump, I will tell you, I would literally go to the center of Sixth Avenue and set myself on fire – set myself on fire before I stood on a debate stage with any news organization that did that statement. I would tell them to go to hell a lot faster than Donald Trump did. I’m not talking about Fox. I got a lot of friends at Fox. I love Fox. I know a lot of people at Fox are really twisted up about how this has gone down and how Megyn Kelly is somehow with Michael Moore taking over the network. They provoked him. They had to know.”

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