Krauthammer: Trump Doesn’t Have a Good Reason To Skip Debate

Columnist and Fox News Contributor Charles Krauthammer argued GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump doesn’t have a good reason to skip out on Thursday’s debate, but that “his narcissism, meaning staying out, is going to win over” on Wednesday’s “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel.

Krauthammer said, “He’s gotten what he wanted to get, which is blanket wall-to-wall coverage of him, wiping out everything else going up to the debate. That I think was well played. But I think he loses if he actually doesn’t show up. He needs to find some honorable way out, make big a donation to the vets and challenge Fox to match it, and say if they do that, he’ll show up. But I think snubbing Iowa, where they take their politics really personally, and also, not having a good reason. If you just saw that on that clip you just showed. I mean, is it an argument to say we’ve had too many debates? That’s not a reason for standing up, America, Iowa and the other candidates when you already have accepted and were listed on the list. So I think, if he — this is a competition between his narcissism and his canniness. And I think I would guess that his narcissism, meaning staying out, is going to win over.”

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