Rand: Cruz ‘Wants To Play Both Sides’ On Foreign Policy, NSA, and Has Changed on Immigration

Kentucky Senator and Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul stated that fellow candidate Texas Senator Ted Cruz “wants to play both sides” on foreign policy and the NSA and has changed his position on immigration on Thursday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Hardball.”

Rand argued that Cruz’s claim that he’s “the consistent politician who has never ever changed his mind, and is so consistent, and everyone else is sort of a squish in Washington but him” is “a false narrative.” As evidence, he pointed to Cruz’s positions on immigration, and the NSA, which he said have changed.

When asked if Cruz was a “liberty politician” Rand said, “I think he wants to play both sides. So, occasionally, like on regime change, he will agree with me and he’ll say toppling Gaddafi was a bad idea. But then, on the next statement, he says he wants to carpet bomb the Middle East and he wants make the sand glow, because he wants to show people, like many politicians, they have to beat their chest to say, ‘I am so strong. You want me because I will kill everyone over there.’ The problem is is that, in reality, if you were to carpet bomb the Middle East, if you were to indiscriminately kill large amounts of people, my prediction is that you would create more terrorists than you actually would kill.”

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