Trump: Fox News Called Me Multiple Times Wanting Me at the Debate

During the Trump rally at Drake University in Des Moines, IA Thursday, GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump opened his rally by saying Fox News called him multiple times, including after the debate had already started, wanting him to participate in the debate.

“Fox has been extremely nice and the last number of hours, actually, and they’ve wanted me there and they ‘How about now?’ They called a few minutes ago, ‘How about now? Can you come over?’ I says, ‘Hasn’t it already started?’ We thought we’d let them start, and we wanted to be about 15 minutes into that hour so that by now they’re all tuned in,” Trump said.

He also added that he would rather be at the debate right now, but he has to stick up for his rights when he is treated badly.

“I didn’t to be here, I have to be honest. I wanted to be about five minutes away, and I’ve enjoyed that. All the online polls said I’ve done very well with the debates, and I’ve had a kick with it. But you have to stick up for your rights. When you’re treated badly, you have to stick up for your rights. You have to do it.”

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