Watch: Hillary Clinton Lobbies Bernie Sanders for Another Debate Before New Hampshire

Thursday on CNN’s “Situation Room,” Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton lobbied her opponent Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) to debate before the New Hampshire primary.

Partial transcript as follows:

BLITZER: “Madam secretary, thanks very much for joining us.”

CLINTON: “Thank you. It’s good to talk to you again.”

BLITZER: “As you know, the Bernie Sanders campaign says they won’t agree to debate next week unless you agree to specific dates for three additional debates. Are you willing to agree to specific dates in the spring?”

CLINTON: “Well, first, Wolf, as I told you back in September, I have been willing to do more debates. I like debating. And I think it was important that my supporters, leaders in New Hampshire, said they wanted a debate. They offered a time, I agreed. And I am prepared to do that. And certainly with respect to future debates, we can start talking about scheduling those, but I look forward to debating the issues. I think the voters of New Hampshire and the country want us to keep debating the issues, so I hope that we’ll all three be there next week in New Hampshire to talk about what our real plans are to deal with the economy and health care and rising prescription drug costs and so much else that people will talk to me about.”

BLITZER: “So you are willing to commit to three specific dates for additional debates after New Hampshire?”

CLINTON: “Oh, I’ve said, look, we have another one shortly after New Hampshire, as I remember on the calendar. And I’ve said we should start looking for dates and working to get those scheduled. I’m perfectly fine with that. But first things first. We have to agree that we’re going to debate in New Hampshire. Both the governor and I have agreed and we’re waiting for the senator to decide to join us.”

BLITZER: “So I just want to be precise. After the Democratic National Committee sanctions debates, you are now ready to commit to three more debates, is that right?”

CLINTON: “Well, I have been very public in saying I would like the DNC to work with all of the campaigns, because that’s what it did when it set up this schedule, and obviously we want to be supportive. But I am urging publicly that we do this debate next week in New Hampshire. Then I’ve said I am more than happy for us to start scheduling additional debates as we go”

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