Watch: Olympian Michael Phelps Distracted Free Throw Shooter by Dancing in Speedo

Olympic gold medalist swimmer Michael Phelps is in Arizona training for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

On Thursday, he attended Arizona State’s basketball game against Oregon State. Phelps teamed up with the Sun Devils’ student section, called the 942 Crew, to participate in their Curtain of Distraction at the baseline, donning a Speedo, a bow tie and a bunch of gold medals.

As the Oregon State basketball player prepared to shoot his free throws, the owner of 20 Olympic medals and two others dressed in bow ties, tuxedo cuffs and not much more, appeared when the curtain was pulled and began trying to distract the shooter.

The player missed his first free throw.

The trio hid behind the curtain again and reappeared shortly before the player took his second shot. This time, Phelps came out in a speedo and started dancing and fake swimming.

The player then missed his second free throw.

Apparently, Phelps’ attendance in the student section went swimmingly, as the Sun Devils defeated the Beavers 86-68.

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