Cowherd: Trump Being ‘Honored’ to Finish Second in Iowa Similar to Panthers Saying Media Is Against Them

On Tuesday’s broadcast of “The Herd” on Fox Sports 1, host Colin Cowherd reacted to GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump saying he was “honored” with his second place finish in the Iowa caucuses on Monday.

Cowherd compared Trump finishing second and acting like he was an underdog all along to Carolina Panthers players and fans acting like the underdogs leading up to Super Bowl 50, despite being the favorites.

“Donald Trump lost close in Iowa and Donald Trump after losing close in Iowa said, ‘It’s amazing it was this close’ even though Donald Trump was a favorite to win Iowa,” Cowherd stated. “OK, you were favored. Quit pretending like you didn’t have a chance. You were favored. And this is what has happened to Carolina fans. Carolina fans have now become ridiculous. Carolina players have become ridiculous.”

“You do get, Carolina, everybody here likes you. Everybody. The media is going to vote your quarterback MVP. Vegas is petrified because they can’t move the line up enough because 88% of the public is now putting their money on Carolina. You do realize that you had the most players in the Pro Bowl, voted on by players and coaches. So let’s have a list now of who is in Carolina’s camp: fans, media, Vegas, MVP voters, players and coaches. They’re actually all on your side. Every one of those groups, fans, media, MVP voters, players and coaches think you have the best team. You’re 15-1. Only loss in a game in which you had already clinched. Again, false narratives. You should see my email. You should see my tweets. ‘Nobody is giving Carolina respect.’ The world is giving Carolina respect. They’re huge favorites,” Cowherd said.

He then told Carolina fans, to not “do a Donald Trump” because he was not an underdog in Iowa.

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