Levin: Trump Drove Carson’s Numbers In Iowa Down, Not Cruz — Rubio Spread Same Thing as Cruz

Talk radio host Mark Levin argued that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s attacks on fellow candidate Dr. Ben Carson drove his numbers down, not Texas Senator Ted Cruz, and that Florida Senator Marco Rubio was “pushing the same thing” as Cruz about Carson dropping out on Wednesday.

Levin said, “[H]ere’s what really happened to Ben Carson. Ben Carson was number one or number two in Iowa, what happened? I’m going to tell you what happened. November of last year happened. And Donald Trump took a baseball bat to Ben Carson. The Donald Trump today who’s coming to Carson’s defense.” He then played a montage of Trump criticizing Carson, which he introduced by saying, “This is what drove Carson’s numbers down, where he wound up in number four for the last month or so, where he had been number one or number two.” After the playing the montage, Levin continued that “most of us weren’t even aware of” the tweet Trump is basing his fraud accusations on.

Levin stated that Trump has reversed course from when he congratulated Cruz and was “honored” to come in second. He added that the tweet that Trump is using as the basis of his fraud accusation couldn’t have been that widespread, if Trump didn’t even know about it when he was congratulating Cruz for winning.

Earlier Levin said that “Marco’s Rubio’s people were pushing the same thing.” And wondered why it wasn’t getting more play in the media and why Rubio was using it to criticize the Cruz campaign. He further argued that “[S]omebody tweeted out what CNN and then said, ‘Please vote for Ted Cruz.'” Levin added that the whole thing is a “clownshow” that detracted from substantive issues.

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