Krauthammer: Trump Has ‘Psychological Need,’ ‘Can’t Admit’ He Came In Second In Iowa Because He Can’t Admit Losing

Columnist Charles Krauthammer argued that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump “can’t admit to coming second” in Iowa because he can’t accept that he lost and that Trump’s accusations against fellow candidate Texas Senator Ted Cruz are “just a psychological need” on Wednesday’s “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel.

Krauthammer said, [relevant remarks begin around 3:40] “The reason he [Trump] can’t admit to coming second, is because if he loses anything, the earth wobbles off its axis. … I don’t think that the reason he insists right now with the tweeting and the attacks, all the attention coming back to him [is] for electoral strategic reasons. I think it’s just a psychological need. speaking as a layman there.”

He continued, “I think this has a sort of a weird effect of helping Rubio. This is the scenario where the top two dogs, the two coming out of Iowa, the two who dominate the national polls, attack each other. They each are somewhat diminished by it, and then Rubio just kind of sneaks in there. It’s happened in Iowa in ’04 with the democrats. In some way, you could say it happened in Iowa this time around with Rubio unexpectedly rising. So, I think he gets a benefit. It’s probably a minor one. But this doesn’t help Trump either way.”

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