Trump on Iowa: ‘I Don’t Care About That Anymore,’ ‘Focused’ on New Hampshire

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump stated that he doesn’t care about what happened in Iowa anymore and is focused on New Hampshire during an interview broadcast on Thursday’s “AC360” on CNN.

Trump said, “I’m into New Hampshire now, it’s just one of those things. It was sort of a lot of strange things, and you know, I like Ben Carson very much. He got pretty roughed up, frankly, although it effected me maybe more than Ben. But I’m so much — because I’ve been now here for two days, I’m so much into this, into New Hampshire, that I just, I don’t care about that anymore.”

He was then asked, “But do you think [GOP presidential candidate Texas Senator] Ted Cruz intentionally was spreading false information?”

Trump responded, “I don’t care. I won’t even say. Let’s see what happens. I guess people are looking at it. Who cares? We’re into here. He picked up a lot of delegates. You know, I was second. I picked up one less than he did. So, that’s not going to be even a factor. But this is the place that I’m focused.”

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