Eight-Year-Old Florida Boy Tries to Rob Store Using Mother’s Gun

Per a report by WGNTV, a West Palm Beach, FL supermarket’s surveillance video captured an attempted robbery by an eight-year-old boy.

The boy rode his bicycle to the store and is still wearing his helmet when he walked into the store. After walking around the store for around a minute, the boy pulled a gun, approached a cashier and demanded money. An employee was able to pry the gun out of the boy’s hand and he was then taken to an office.

According to the eight-year-old’s mother, Eboni Alls, the boy said he was going to the park to play.

She noticed something was awry when she picked up her purse and it seemed lighter.

Alls said if she could do something differently, she would have the gun locked up in a safe.

The gun was loaded, but did not have a bullet in the chamber.

The boy was arrested and is undergoing mental health evaluations. It is unknown if his mother will be charged with anything.

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