Maher: Hillary Can’t Beat ‘a 74-Year-Old Jewish Socialist,’ ‘Hillary, We’re Making This As Easy As We Can For You’

HBO’s “Real Time” host Bill Maher mocked Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by stating “she’s not good at this” and “she’s losing to a 74-year-old Jewish Socialist,” “Hillary, we’re making this as easy as we can for you” on Friday.

Maher said, “Hillary, I love her, but she’s not good at this. She’s not good at [campaigning]. I mean, in 2008, she lost to a black man with a Muslim name. Now she’s losing to a 74-year-old Jewish Socialist. I mean, Hillary, we’re making this as easy as we can for you. But, you’re going to have to help a little. Now, Hillary’s camp says that’s unfair because Bernie has an advantage, people actually like him. But, you know, you’ve got to admit, [Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie] Sanders (I-VT) having a big win there — I mean a tie there. Now he’s going to have a big win in New Hampshire. A tie and a win in the first two go a long way to addressing the electability issue.”

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