Buchanan: US ‘Started Cold War II’ With Russia, Open To ‘Reset That Respects Russian National Interests’

Columnist Pat Buchanan argued the US “started Cold War II” and he wouldn’t be opposed to “a real reset that respects Russian national interests” on Friday’s “McLaughlin Group.”

Buchanan said, “John, the question is, who started Cold War II? And I think we did. The Soviets, they gave up all of Eastern Europe, the whole thing came apart. They wanted to be friends and allies of the United States. So, we moved NATO right into the Baltic republics, three of which, these Baltic republics were part of the Soviet Union. Putin is reacting to that. He’s got a tremendous military, or significant military buildup, and now, we’re reacting to that. John, my view is, I mean, I am not against frankly, a next president trying a real reset that respects Russian national interests, they respect ours. And we get away from this face-off for heaven’s sakes. Any kind of war between the United States and Russia over Estonia would be the end of Estonia, and a disaster that every great president of the Cold War avoided.”

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