Jeb: Rubio Also Said I Would Make a Good VP Back In 2012

Republican presidential candidate former Florida Governor Jeb Bush stated that fellow candidate Florida Senator Marco Rubio also said he would be a good VP pick in 2012 during Saturday’s GOP presidential debate on ABC.

Jeb said, when asked about him promoting Rubio as a vice presidential candidate back in 2012, “Well, first of all, he said the exact same thing about me, that I would make a great vice presidential nominee, when Mitt Romney was considering. I said the same thing about. I think we were both right at the time, and Mitt picked somebody else. So, let’s move on to the 2016 race. Who has the leadership skills to lead? And I’m proud of the fact that I have 12 Medal of Honor recipients, over 30 admirals and generals that believe that I would be a steady hand as commander-in-chief. That I served as president — as governor of the state of Florida, where we cut taxes and reduced government. I took on very powerful interests, forged consensus, fought for my beliefs, implemented them, the state was better off. We had eight hurricanes and four tropical storms in 16 months. The whole state was turned upside down. It required a steady hand, leadership. You learn this. You learn it by doing it. It’s not something that you just show up on the job doing. It’s not to say — look, let’s be clear, Marco Rubio is a gifted politician, and he may have the skills to be a president of the United States. But we’ve tried it the old way, with Barack Obama, with soaring eloquence, and we got, we didn’t get a leader, we got someone who wants to divide the country up. The next president is going to have to forge consensus to bring about a set of common purposes so that we can move forward again.”

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