Politico’s Annie Karni: Hillary Clinton Is ‘Playing Up the Gender Card’ a Lot

Saturday on MSNBC, Politico’s Annie Karnie spoke on Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s chances in the upcoming New Hampshire primary.

Karni mentioned that New Hampshire is a state that “loves electing women,” and that Clinton has been playing “playing up the gender card” a lot, giving her a “huge” advantage.

“[Hillary Clinton] has a big advantage here, too. First of all, the statistics about neighboring state mattering here, she won in 2008, so what about someone who has already won this primary? She’s been playing up the gender card here a lot because this is a state that loves electing women. They have the first all female congressional delegation. They were the first state to vote bigger percentage of women than men in the state legislature. Jeanne Shaheen made history as the first governor and senator. This state loves electing women. That’s a huge advantage here. They’re playing that out.”

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