Trump: Cruz Won Iowa ‘Because He Got Ben Carson’s Votes’

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump accused fellow candidate Texas Senator Ted Cruz of winning Iowa caucuses by getting fellow candidate Dr. Ben Carson’s supporters during his closing statement in Saturday’s GOP presidential debate on ABC.

After Cruz referenced his victory in the Iowa caucuses during his closing statement, Trump began his statement, which immediately followed Cruz’s by saying, “That’s because he got Ben Carson’s votes, by the way, but we won’t say that.”

Trump continued, “Our country, that we love so much, doesn’t win anymore. We don’t win with the military. We don’t win on the border. You look at New Hampshire, with the tremendous problem we have we heroin. Number one thing I hear from the people of New Hampshire, who I love, and developed such relationships, we don’t win with healthcare. We don’t win with trade. You look at what other countries are doing to us, China, everyone. They’re killing us on trade. If I’m elected president, we will win, and we will win, and we will win.”

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