Christie: I’m For ‘Enforcing the Law,’ On Immigration, Rubio Isn’t, He’ll ‘Run Right Back’ To Gang of Eight

Republican presidential candidate New Jersey Governor Chris Christie argued that fellow candidate Florida Senator Marco Rubio isn’t “for enforcing the law” on immigration like he is, and will “run right back to” the Gang of Eight bill “because his big donors…that’s what they want” on Monday’s “Laura Ingraham Show.”

Christie said, after citing the Gang of Eight bill and saying Rubio “ran away from it.” “I’m for enforcing the law. We need to enforce the law in this country.”

Christie added, “The problem is that he’s [Rubio’s] not for enforcing the law, and there’s nothing in his record that proves he is. In fact, what’s in his record is, that he signed on for an amnesty bill that would allow for legalization and citizenship for people who came here illegally, and he ran away from it as soon as the heat got hot. You can be sure he’ll run right back to it if he’s elected president of the United States because his big donors, that’s who — that’s what they want. And it’s not what’s right for the country, it’s not what the American people want.”

Later on, Christie said he can relate to the struggles of voters while Rubio, and fellow candidate Florida Governor Jeb Bush can’t.

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