Hillary: There’s ‘Double Standard’ In Asking Me To Release Speeches I Said I’d Look Into Releasing

In an interview broadcast on Monday’s “Rachel Maddow Show” on MSNBC, Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton criticized the “double standard” of her being asked to release the transcripts of her paid speeches, which she promised to “look into” when asked during the most recent Democratic debate. Hillary did say “once it is done under whatever circumstances” with regard to the release of the transcripts.

Hillary said, when asked whether she expected to release the transcripts of her paid speeches, “I’m getting a little bit weary of the double standard. Let’s release what everybody has ever said. There are a lot of people on both sides. If we’re going to start saying what you did when you were out of office, when you were in the private sector, what you did — fair game, release it all. I’m all for that.”

She added, “I’m being asking to do something, for which there’s no basis, just the attempt to cast suspicion. So, I said I would look into it. We will look into it. But you know it’s — what’s good for the gander should be good for the goose.”

Maddow then asked Hillary, “So, you wouldn’t do it unilaterally, but if everybody’s going to do it, you would do it?” In response, Hillary stated, “I’m really not thinking about it until I get through New Hampshire, to be honest. I want to get through tomorrow, and then, you know, it’s going to be very boring for people once it is done under whatever circumstances.”

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