Jordanian Theater Seeks to Combat Wave of Youth Joining Islamic State

TEL AVIV – In its latest effort to combat the growing phenomenon of young people joining terror organizations such as the Islamic State, Jordan looks to interactive theater for the answer with a play called “Terrorism at the Door,” MEMRI reported.

The play, which is being performed at universities all over Jordan, focuses on issues that drive young people to embrace radical ideologies, including domestic violence. Each performance is followed by a discussion during which audience members are invited to offer solutions to the increase in Jordanian terror recruits.

The drama was produced by Jordanian artists Rania Isma’il and Hassan Sabaileh, who are also responsible for animated films on YouTube depicting neglected young men who are seduced by IS’s promise to turn them into glorious commanders.

Jordanian author and journalist Hussein Al-Amoush praised the play for effectively explaining how terrorist organizations exploit marginalized Jordanians’ “weak psychological makeup.”

“It touches on sensitive issues and diagnoses the situation and the harsh economic reality of Jordanians that make them succumb, like easy prey, to the financial inducements offered by the terror organizations,” Al-Amoush said.

He further stated that the play epitomizes Jordan’s “human, economic, and collegiate reality” and highlighted the problem of Jordanian fathers’ failure to communicate effectively with their sons, leading the latter to seek approval from terror commanders.

The play ends with a dramatic scene in which the central character dons an explosive belt in preparation to blow himself up. The floor is then yielded to the audience, who, in Al-Amoush’s words, offer “diverse logical, clear, and courageous views.”