Trump: Jeb Is ‘a Stiff Who You Wouldn’t Hire in Private Enterprise’

Monday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump reacted to an attack on the him from his opponent former Gov. Jeb Bush (R-FL) earlier in the show.

Trump criticized Bush as someone that would not be hireable in the private sector. He also noted that despite being criticized by Bush for his use of eminent domain, Bush’s family has also used eminent domain for its own benefit.

“Here is the story on Jeb,” Trump said. He is a stiff who you wouldn’t hire in private enterprise. This is a stiff. This is a guy that, if he came looking for a job, you’d say no thank you. And that’s the way it is. He used — he used — just so you understand, he talks about eminent domain. He doesn’t even know what the words mean. Eminent domain — his family used eminent domain privately on the stadium in Texas that just came out this morning. He forgot to tell you. He probably didn’t know because he is probably not that involved with his family. In fact, he doesn’t even use the last name Bush, which is a mistake.”

Trump went on to lay out other weaknesses of Bush and why Bush isn’t making any progress with his attack ads.

“But Jeb Bush is — he will spend $100 million on ads, spent $25 million on negative ads on me and every time he does a negative ad, my poll numbers go up. It’s a weird thing. But the guy’s a total stiff. He’s not going to win. Remember this, for the voters, he wants Common Core and he’s very weak on immigration. Remember they came in for love. Remember the act of love, he said. They come to our country for the act of love. Jeb is weak on immigration and Common Core. He wants it 100 percent. And just those two items he can’t do very well. But he’s got to go around and stop lying because I never called John McCain a loser. Really, really sad when you have to say that.”

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