Christie: Cruz, Jeb, Trump All Failed To Go After Rubio Effectively, I Didn’t, Would Be ‘Just As Effective’ Against Hillary

Republican presidential candidate New Jersey Governor Chris Christie argued that he is the only candidate who successfully went after fellow candidate Florida Senator Marco Rubio “And I’ll be just as effective against Hillary Clinton” in an interview aired on Tuesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “The Lead.”

Christie said, “You want someone who is prepared, experienced, mature, and tested, to get on the stage against Hillary Clinton. If you are not ready, she will eat you alive. And we first, before we get to the White House, we have to go through her, and you’re going to want somebody on that stage who their experience gives them the best chance to beat her. And then once you get to the White House, you can actually do the job, because you actually managed something before in your life, of significance, and been held accountable for it. And I’m the person who brings those two skills together. Nobody else on that stage, and lots have tried, [GOP presidential candidates] [Texas Senator] Ted Cruz, [Former Florida Governor] Jeb Bush, and Donald Trump all tried to go after Marco Rubio. They weren’t effective at it. I was. And I’ll be just as effective against Hillary Clinton.”

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