Cruz: I’m Not Going to ‘Respond in Kind’ to Trump’s Profanity

Tuesday while on the campaign trail in New Hampshire, Republican presidential hopeful Se. Ted Cruz (R-TX) reacted to his rival Donald Trump repeating a rally-goer calling Cruz “a pussy.”

Cruz said, “Oh listen, nothing Donald Trump says surprises anymore. You know, Donald does not handle losing very well. He didn’t like that he lost in Iowa. And his response often is to simply yell and insult and engage in profanity. My approach is to not respond in kind. From the beginning of the campaign when he and others have chosen to insult, chosen to go to the gutter, chosen to go to the mud—I don’t respond in kind. I’m going to stay focused on the issues. I’m going to stay focused on the substance. Now part of the reason that Donald engages in insults is because he can’t discuss substance—can’t defend his record.”

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