Maher: SCOTUS Climate Decision Attacked Earth, ‘This Is The Oligarchy At Work’

HBO host Bill Maher argued the Supreme Court halting the EPA from carrying out President Obama’s carbon emissions regulation on existing power plant was them attacking earth and declared, “This is the oligarchy at work” on Friday’s “Real Time.”

Maher said the headline on the ruling should have been, “Supreme Court Attacks Earth.” He further stated, “[I]t’s unprecedented, by the way, for the Supreme Court to do this, because this has not been [adjudicated] so far by the federal appeals court, but they had to step in, or else an oil company might have been hurt. And, my question is, one, how are these other countries going to trust us now, on taking the lead on global warming? And two, how can anything get done in America when you have to run it by Antonin Scalia first?”

Maher later added, “[I]t’s so interesting to me the way Republicans always rail against activist judges, except when they don’t get what they want, and then they run to the judges to solve it. Obamacare, McCain-Feingold, climate change, gay marriage, then they want Scalia to step in. And again, this is so political. You don’t think this is political, on the part of the judges? Because this is the oligarchy at work. Americans, including Republicans, want action on climate change.”

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