Brooks: Group of GOPers Want ‘Someone Who Won’t Be Wearing on a Dinner Party’ Like Trump

David Brooks, columnist for The New York Times, argued that he thinks there is “a group of Republicans” who want “someone who won’t be wearing on a dinner party” like GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, and that if there is an alternative to Trump, they’d have the manner of fellow candidate Ohio Governor John Kasich on Friday’s “PBS NewsHour.”

Brooks said, “[T]he Trump thing is so much about manners. And, if you can have somebody with the opposite manners, I have to feel there’s a group of Republicans there who want that, who want civility, who want decency, someone who won’t be wearing on a dinner party. We used to say this about Chris Christie. For the first 30 minutes of the dinner party, you’re like thrilled he’s there, and then the last 45, you’re like, ‘Time to go, Chris.’ And so, I think — I still think that may happen with Trump. People will just get wary of the act. I’ve been wrong about this for eight months. I realize that. But if there’s going to be an alternative, it would be somebody with Kasich’s manner, which is genial, and then also, substantively, pragmatic. It’s not been a great year on either party for pragmatism, and for actually getting stuff done. But maybe that will kick in. It normally does.”

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