Trump: Cruz ‘Can’t Lie Then Hold Up The Bible’

Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said of his opponent Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), “You can’t lie then hold up the Bible,” and added that he “consistently” lies.

Partial transcript as follows:

JOHN DICKERSON, HOST CBS’S “FACE THE NATION”: Let me ask you about politics, now. You had a tough ad hitting Senator Cruz saying he couldn’t be trusted you pulled it down, but I just watched it on TV.

TRUMP: No no, I pulled it down because I wanted to be nice, I wanted to be a very nice person. Then I saw him do negative ad, I put it back up. It’s honorable ad. It’s a very honest ad. He’s a nasty guy. People don’t like him. Think of it, you are United States senator, you have a lot of friends that are in the senate, in this case he doesn’t have any friends. you don’t have one endorsement from one U.S. senator these are people that work with him. How can that be possible?

DICKERSON: You also have questioned his Christianity. Is that a Christian thing to do?

TRUMP: I say this, you can’t lie then hold up the Bible. okay? He consistently lies. What he did to Ben Carson was a disgrace. What he did with the voter violation, which is a fraud, is a disgrace. You can’t do that, you can’t hold up all of these values and hold up the Bible and then lie.

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