Cruz: Trump Defended PP Funding on Debate Stage, His Justice Would Lead to ‘Mandating Unlimited Abortion on Demand’

On Monday’s “Fox & Friends” on the Fox News Channel, Republican presidential candidate Texas Senator Ted Cruz argued that voting for fellow candidate Donald Trump would lead to a liberal justice being appointed to the Supreme Court which would lead to the court “mandating unlimited abortion on demand” among other things and that Trump defended funding Planned Parenthood on the debate stage on Saturday.

Cruz said, while discussing exchanges he had on the debate stage with Trump and fellow candidate Florida Senator Marco Rubio that both Rubio and Trump “have this strange practice of just screaming, ‘Liar!'” Whenever their records are brought up in order to confuse voters.

Cruz further argued that Trump would appoint a liberal justice to the Supreme Court by pointing to Trump’s donations to liberal politicians and maintaining that anyone who gives money to John Kerry, Schumer, and Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) doesn’t care about putting conservatives on the court since these individuals fought to keep conservatives off the court. Cruz added, “If you vote for Donald Trump, we will see the 2nd Amendment written out of the Constitution, because one liberal justice will do that. And we will also see our religious liberty taken away.”

Earlier, he stated, “[O]ne more liberal justice, and we will see our fundamental rights taken away. We will see the court mandating unlimited abortion on demand. We will see the court effectively erasing the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms from the constitution, and we would see the court dramatically undermining the religious liberty of Americans all across this country.”

Cruz added of Trump, “Even on the stage, this weekend, he supported taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood.” He further countered Trump’s claim that he had transformed like Ronald Reagan by arguing that while Reagan became a conservative, Trump still hasn’t.

Earlier, while discussing his belief that the vacancy on the court should be filled by the next president, Cruz said, “Chuck Schumer had that position when it was a Republican president. Actually, he said, the last 18 months of George W. Bush’s tenure, they shouldn’t confirm any Supreme Court justices. So that’s been what the Democrats do. We have an election. This election is coming up, in November, just a few months from now. This election will decide it. And I called for the Senate not to take up this confirmation. I was very pleased to see Republican leadership following what I called for, and saying we’re not going to take it up. That’s the right thing to do, and it’s the respect that the American people are owed.”

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