Trump: I Will Sue Cruz Over Citizenship Questions If He Doesn’t Apologize

Monday in Hanahan, SC, while discussing his opponent Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) claiming he is against the Second Amendment and pro-choice, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump threatened to sue over Cruz’s eligibility to run for president if he did not cease with the “lies” on that topic.

Trump said, “Well, he’s printed lies. He’s said I’m pro choice and I’m pro life. look, what he did with Ben Carson was terrible. I’ve never seen anything like that. It was a total lie. And by the way, 10 minutes after the election was over, the caucus, he went and said, ‘oh, I’m sorry.’ He called Ben. And Ben didn’t accept that apology, the way I look at it. Didn’t accept the apology. So I don’t want to be in a position where it’s Saturday evening and I get a phone call from him, you know, ‘I’m really sorry about that. My staff did something.’ He did three or four things. For instance, he talks about me being against the Second Amendment. I am the strongest person running in favor of the Second Amendment. I’m a member of the NRA, my sons have been long-term members of the NRA and their extraordinary shots. The whole thing is incredible.”

He continued, “What he does is he’ll walk up and say something. He said, I will appoint liberal judges. Donald Trump is going to appoint liberal judges. I named two judges that are — and I named them during the debate. I was the only one that named two judges that I would appoint. now, it could be somebody else, but those two judges are highly respected, conservative judges. They would be great judges to appoint. But he just gets up and says, if Donald Trump gets in, he’s going to appoint liberal judges. Just the opposite. But the only way I can fight it is all the press here. Most people can’t fight it but he’s a liar. Henry, who is lieutenant governor, said I can’t believe the things he’s saying because he understands the views on everything, and he just comes out and boom, boom, boom. Absolute lies. He’ll apologize but I don’t want an apology after the election, I want an apology before. If he doesn’t, I’m going to bring a lawsuit because in my opinion based on what I’ve learned over the last two or three days from top lawyers, he doesn’t even have the right to serve as president or even run as president. He was born in Canada. So I will bring that lawsuit if he doesn’t apologize.”

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