Trump: I’ll Send Cease-and-Desist Letters to China, Mexico

Thursday during the CNN Republican town hall, Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump said using his tactic of sending so-called cease-and-desist letters to adversaries while president wasn’t out of the realm of possibilities.

Trump told CNN’s Anderson Cooper he would consider sending cease-and-desist letters to China and Mexico.

Partial transcript as follows:

COOPER: So as president, would you be sending cease and desist letters? Would you be…

TRUMP: Yeah, maybe to China.

No, I would be. I would be sending them to China to stop ripping us off. I would be sending them to other countries to stop ripping us off. I’d send them to Mexico. And when I say cease and desist, maybe it’s equivalent, OK? Maybe I do it with my mouth. (CROSSTALK)

COOPER: (inaudible) disagree with?

TRUMP: Of course. Look, our country is going to hell. We have a problem with China. We have a problem with Japan. We have a problem with Mexico both at the border and in trade. Carrier just announced they’re moving to — Carrier Air Conditioner — I buy them all the time. I’m not going to buy them anymore, by the way. I buy thousands. They’re moving to Mexico. I saw the clip. I saw the boss say, “We’re closing up; we’re moving to Mexico.”

What do we get out of it? They’re moving to Mexico. Now, they’re going to make air conditioners, sell them to us, no tax, no nothing. We get nothing out of it.

By the way, if we said, “Guess what? You’re going to have to pay a 35 percent tax to get them through the border.” They wouldn’t even move.

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