Watch: Jeb Bush Suspends Campaign

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush suspended his presidential campaign in a speech in South Carolina on Saturday.

After being briefly introduced by South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham (R), Jeb said, “[O]ur country deserves a president for everyone. The presidency is bigger than any one person. And is certainly bigger than any candidate. This not — we’re different in our country, because our head of state is not above us, but because the head of state, the people that aspire to the presidency, are part of the people, in a government of the people ,by the people, and for the people, we elect a president like us, imperfect under God’s watchful eye. … I firmly believe the American people must entrust this office to someone who understands that whoever holds it is a servant, not the master, someone who will commit to that service with honor and decency. Our next president will lead an extraordinary country, whose people have always made the improbable possible, in big ways and small.” Jeb further stated he was “proud” of the campaign he has run and had refused to bend to political winds.

He added, “the people of Iowa and New Hampshire and South Carolina have spoken, and I really respect their decision. So tonight, I am suspending my campaign.”

Jeb also said, “[I]deas matter, policy matters.” He expressed hope that his ideas would be a “blueprint” for others going forward.

Jeb concluded, “With strong conservative leadership, Republicans can win the White House, and we can get back to being on the verge of having the greatest time to be alive, and that’s what I honestly believe, and I know you do as well. I look forward to working [with] you to make that dream come true. I will do it as a private citizen, just as you are.”

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