Left-Wing Amy Goodman: ‘Terrifying’ Trump ‘Bullies the Most Defenseless and Powerless People’

Sunday on CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” “Democracy Now!” host Amy Goodman said Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was attacking the “most defenseless and powerless people in our society.”

Goodman said, “For example Donald Trump, You cannot avoid what he has said. Now, he is not a politician but he has a long corporate business recorded that must be investigated. You have the calling women fat pigs, slobs, disgusting. This is very important. Calling Mexicans rapist and murders and in the last few days the chant, ‘build that wall, build that wall,’ the shutter this must send through not just people outside the country, the idea of fortifying American, but people inside the country.”

She continued, “He uses the bully pulpit to bully the most defenseless and powerless people in our society. I think all religions, teach even if you’re an atheist , that there’s something terribly wrong with going after the most powerless. That’s easy. And it’s wrong.”

She added, “That’s when I think of someone like Donald Trump when, an African American a protester at one of his rallies, was roughed up, he was asked about it —I don’t think he’s then responsible —but then he says on Fox in the days that followed he should have been roughed up. That’s terrifying when you hear him say that people should be beat up at this rally.”

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