American Muslim Community Centers Put Up Billboard Comparing Head Scarf to Other Religions’ Head Coverings

The American Muslim Community Centers in Longwood, FL put up a new billboard that is creating a lot of buzz in the area, according to a report by Fox 35 Orlando.

The billboard compares three women from different religions all wearing head covers.

Some Muslim women say they get harassed for wearing head coverings because people relate their scarves to terrorism.

Leaders from the American Muslim Community Centers hope the sign helps others learn the head scarf is the same as what the “mother of Jesus” or a Christian nun would wear and that wearing the scarf is an “act of devotion.”

Dr. Saima Quresha of the American Muslim Community Centers said of the billboard, “A lot of times people don’t think of the similarity of the Muslim head scarf with the Christian nuns or mother of Jesus, but it all comes from the same thing. It’s an act of devotion; it’s an act of worship and it’s about faith.”

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