Louis Farrakhan: NBA Like Slavery, Basketball Courts a ‘Training Ground for a Basketball Plantation’

On Sunday, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan compared the National Basketball Association to slavery while speaking at a Saviours’ Day event in Detroit, MI.

He urged community leaders to refrain from putting up more basketball courts.

“Please don’t put up another basketball court thinking that you’re giving back to the black community … basketball courts are a training ground for a basketball plantation.”

Farrakhan then added that spectators watching people play sports are the same as men sizing up slaves when they came over to the United States.

“You know, when we were slaves, white folks would put us on the auction block; come by and squeeze your buttocks, look at you, and say, ‘This is a strong specimen. How much for this one? I’ll buy him.’ And we got bought and sold just like that. Well, that’s that what you do in sports. You run up and down the field, you show them how swift you are, how clever you are,” he said. “And they’re sitting there, watching you, timing you: ‘That’s a good one. I’ll get him. I’m drafting him.'”

(h/t TMZ)

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