Kasich: I Will Beat Donald Trump in Ohio

Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” Republican presidential candidate Ohio Governor John Kasich said he will beat Donald Trump in Ohio.

Kasich said, “I beat Hillary Clinton by more than any Republican, by 11 points. I’ll beat Donald Trump in Ohio. It’s all within the margin of error. We will be fine in Ohio. And what we need to have a respectable finish and accumulate delegates as we move forward. At some point you will see the front-runner stumble in a real way and I think the race will come down to earth. At the same time I have been badly outspent. I spent $5 million, $6 million, a lot of ads being used to beat me up. A lot of negative campaigning against me. I’m neck and neck with the people who were after he head of me like Marco. We’ll keep plugging. This is the first time the people in this country get a chance to hear about my head and the things I want to do to create jobs. And the first time to understand my heart. You are seeing it on the campaign trail. We’ll keep going and we’ll see what happens.”

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