Cruz: Romney Makes ‘Good Point’ About Tax Returns, Media ‘Using Kid Gloves’ On Trump, Then Will Bury Him

Texas Senator Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz stated that 2012 GOP nominee “has a good point that the voters are entitled to know before they vote” on tax returns and that no one knows if fellow candidate Donald Trump has made as much as he claims because he hasn’t released his tax returns in a candidate forum on Wednesday’s “Kelly File” on the Fox News Channel.

Cruz, in response to a question on whether he will release his tax returns, said, “Absolutely. I’ll release the remainder of what we have this week. I’ve released already, I think five years worth. But I — look, the nice thing is, I haven’t made enough money that my tax returns are not that interesting.”

He added, “I recognize that Donald’s tax returns are a little more complicated. An awful lot of people speculate that he hasn’t made nearly as much money as he said, who knows, because he doesn’t release his tax returns? But I do think Mitt has a good point that the voters are entitled to know before they vote, because you better believe the Democrats, if there’s anything in there, the Democrats are going to go to town on this. The Democrats are — I mean, look, to be honest, an awful lot of the mainstream media is using kid gloves on Donald right now, because they want Donald to be the nominee, and the instant he’s the nominee, they will unleash every cannon they can to elect Hillary Clinton. We can’t risk that, because if we do, we are going to lose the country. We’re going to be buried in debt. We’ll lose the supreme court. We can’t let that happen.”

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