Cruz: Media Will Have a Heyday Ripping Trump Apart If There Is Anything In His Tax Returns

At a press conference in Nashville, TN, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) went after his opponent Donald Trump for not releasing his tax returns while being audited.

Cruz said, “Most strikingly on the question of ethics, Donald Trump said he would not hand over his tax returns. Why? Apparently he doesn’t even know he’s being audited. He said two, then it was three, then it was five years. He was unable to hand over any years’ tax return. It ain’t complicated. If Donald Trump hands over his tax returns later in the year, in the election, that the good folks in the media will have a heyday ripping him apart if there is anything in those tax returns. And if there is, the Republican primary voter deserve to know.”

He continued, “I have to say his justification for not handing over his tax returns, that he is being audited several years, although apparently he doesn’t know how many years he’s being audited for. That makes it all the more important for him to hand over his tax returns. because If there is something in there the audit will discover from a Republican perspective, if you want to stop the nightmare that has been the Obama-Clinton economy, that has been the Obama-Clinton assault on our rights, that has been the Obama-Clinton foreign policy, the last thing we want is to nominate someone who in an audit demonstrates tax improprieties or tax frauds. We need to see those tax returns so there can be public scrutiny. The voters deserve  to know.”

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