Former Mexican President Vicente Fox to Trump: ‘Withdraw From The Race’

[Warning: Adult Language]

Friday on Fox Business Network’s “Mornings With Maria Bartiromo,”  former president of Mexico Vicente Fox doubled down on using profane language to say Mexico is not paying for a wall and he added that he believes Donald Trump should drop out of the presidential race, saying, “I would invite this guy to withdraw from the race and go back to his business.”

Fox said, “I can tell you he doesn’t know a little bit about macro-economics, he doesn’t know about history, he doesn’t recognize what NAFTA  is all about. This very solid partnership that we have built together, three economies Canada, United States and Mexico. And he should learn that Mexico buys from the Untied States over a half a billion U.S. dollars worth of trade. And this is what he should consider. Building a wall is stupid. It will go against your best interest.”

Reacting to Trump saying the “the wall just got 10 feet taller” after Fox’s previous statement, Fox said, “My reaction is it’s more stupid. I mean, that’s a wrong thought. Immigration should be handled in a different manner, that’s why we have a proposal, I feel, in Congress presented by Senator McCain long time ago, that solves and makes the case of migration positive for the United States and Mexico. It’s not attacking everybody, attacking the Mexicans, attacking the Muslims. attacking women, attacking migrants. that’s not the way to go. That chair for the president of the United States is so elegant, so full of power that only people with ability with intelligence and with compassion have sat in that chair and this guy is out of the world. He thinks that by building a wall, which is only a consequence of the fear he builds inside, he feels fear. Only those who feel fear build walls.”

Fox continued, “I would invite this guy to withdraw from the race and go back to his business and forget about what is a nation and what is the presidency of a nation.”

To the shock of the host, Fox again said, “I am not gonna pay for that f—ing wall, I am not.”

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